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Teen Scene

Networking Witches's Teenager Forum!

Music and games now avalible for your use! To reques more music and games message Gir.
once we reach the 50 user count, there will be a party and prizes!!! Start inviting your friendz!!!!
Hey Guys! Teen Scene can't run without it's users being active! Get posting and you could win prizes! Just check out the Contests section!

    Teen Scene Rules

    Teen Administration
    Teen Administration

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    Teen Scene Rules Empty Teen Scene Rules

    Post  Spott on Sun Apr 12, 2009 6:02 pm

    If your a noob, you must read this before you post, chat, PM, etc. If you find anyone who breaks a rule please Pm the Admin (Spott, Witchling, WinterWitch, or RedneckWitch). Each time you break a rule, you'll get a warning. If you receive 3 warnings, you're banned. Anyways, here's the rules:

    • No cussing.
    • No double posting.
    • Please speak English unless your teaching some one that language or it's under a non-English forum
    • No copying anything on Teen Scene unless you have the Admin (listed above) permission.
    • Please don't tell anybody personal info (Age, Location, etc. )
    • NEVER share your password!
    • Please try to be nice to any member as much as you can even if there being mean to you or if having a problem with a member then PM the Admin or Mod.
    • Please keep cap locks or all capital letters to a minimum.
    • Please do not ask to be promoted. There's a whole topic on that.
    • Please do not talk about any sexual info, this forum is under the rating of M!
    • Most of all, have fun!

    All of these rules apply to the chat.

    This may be changed at any time. These are some of the rules and others may apply.

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